Getting Biometrics for Canada

By the end of 2019, biometric collection points are planned be functioning and established inside Canada. But for now, most travelers to Canada will need to give their biometric information at collection points outside Canada. But regardless of where you give your biometric information, you will almost certainly be required to do so if you […]

Port of Entry Interview Canada

What happens when you get off your flight at a Canadian airport and arrive in Canada as a foreign national? This involves what immigration authorities call a Port of Entry (POE) which is the airport that you arrive at, and there is a standardized process for: Receiving, Authorizing, or Sending on for further inspection, and […]

Travelling during an Inland Sponsorship Application

Are you considering applying for a spousal sponsorship? If the spouse who is a foreign national is: living with you in Canada, AND will have to travel abroad on a fairly regular basis during the application process, then you will have to make a choice as to which class of sponsorship you want to choose. […]

Student with laptop

Leave and Return to Canada on Student Visa

Authorized School Leave in Canada What happens if you’re an international student in Canada on a study permit and a family emergency occurs in your home country? Say you have to attend to a sick relative back home. Can you gain permission to leave Canada without losing your status and having to re-apply for a […]

2019 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Changes

The Ontario provincial government has updated some key aspects of its Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) in its recent budget. These changes will affect everything from immigrants looking to work as truck drivers to entrepreneurs from abroad looking to set up a business in the province. Here then, are the main changes being proposed by […]