Keeping Up with Immigrant Investor Program

Immigrate as an Investor to Canada How easy is it for investors who wish to immigrate to Canada? Since June 19, 2014, the Government of Canada has suspended the Federal Immigrant Investors and Entrepreneurs Program due to a public outcry over the cost of living in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. In other words, the […]

Apply for a Study Permit While Visiting Canada

You are visiting Canada with a visitor visa (Temporary Resident Visa), and you have decided you want to stay and study in Canada. What are your options and how do you go about getting your Study Permit? As in most cases, the answer depends on the details of your personal situation. Let’s review how to […]

Migrating to Canada from the US

Canada and the U.S. share a long undefended border. But make no mistake, it is not an unpoliced border. Immigration authorities on both sides of the Canada-US border carefully follow the law and make sure your entry is lawful and that you have the proper documentation. Having said that, migrating to Canada from the U.S. […]

How to Get Into Canadian University

Did you know that at the University of British Columbia nearly 1 in 3 students are international students? Increasingly, Canada is a top destination for students from around the world seeking a quality education in English or French at competitive rates that compare well with universities in places like the United States or the UK. […]

How to Get a Work Permit for Canada in 6 Steps

HOW TO APPLY FOR A TEMPORARY WORK PERMIT & WHEN DO YOU NEED A BRIDGING WORK PERMIT Do you have a job lined up in Canada? Or are you working in Canada right now, but your work permit will expire shortly? Applying for a work permit or extending your work permit is crucial if you […]