Canada Wants 1 Million Immigrants

Express Entry has clearly become the best (and almost the only) way to immigrate to Canada. And with the Liberal Government upping the quotas to ensure that 1 million immigrants are accepted into Canada over the next 3 years (2019,2020, 2021), it’s more than clear that using Express Entry to submit a successful application that […]

Sponsor Parents / Grandparents 2019

Are you ready to sponsor your parents or grandparents? Last year you had a month to submit an Interest to Sponsor online and then apply if you were selected by IRCC. The process opened up on January 2nd and closed on February 2nd, 2018. And not only that, a further round of invitations to apply […]

200 Points for Express Entry

In November 2016, Express Entry changed the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points awarded for arranged employment in Canada. Previous to this change – that is from the introduction of Express Entry in early January 2015 up to November 2016 – you were awarded 600 points for having arranged employment in Canada. After November 19, 2016 […]

How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

You’ve got your citizenship finally! But remember, if you need to travel, like most people do nowadays, you should apply for your passport as soon as possible. While it is normally a fairly straightforward process, how you apply for your Canadian passport will depend on a number of factors:   Applying for a New Passport: […]

Make More Money with Better Language Skills

Did you know that immigrants to Canada in the late ’70s earned approximately 85% of the wages that native-born Canadians earned during the immigrants first 5 years in Canada? Over time, immigrants’ earnings tend to rise until, on average for middle and upper-income migrants, their wages increase to a level beyond those of native-born Canadians. […]