Working Holiday in Canada for Hongkongers

Are you a resident of Hong Kong (HKSAR)? Do you wish to travel to Canada and work while in Canada in order to help pay for your stay in Canada? Then IEC’s Working Holiday program may be just the ticket you need. Here’s how. International Experience Canada – or IEC – is a series of […]

Changes for Cubans Coming to Canada

If you are a Cuban or a resident of Cuba, the Canadian embassy in Havana has reduced the services available. This has occurred because of a strange illness that embassy staff in Cuba have suffered over the last few years. Canadian and American (and perhaps other) diplomats and staff have reportedly complained of symptoms such […]

Pakistani Student Study in Canada SDS

Canada’s Student Direct Stream, which provides faster processing for international students who wish to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada and who are legal residents of: China, India, The Philippines, and Vietnam. has now expanded to include legal residents of Pakistan. This program aims to support the growing diversity in all walks […]

Unskilled Permanent Residence Canada (Agricultural Worker)

Are you an agricultural worker on a temporary work permit in Canada? When Canadians think of immigration and agricultural workers in Canada they tend to think of seasonal workers who tend to work at harvest time for a limited period of time and who travel back and forth on temporary work permits. However, there is […]

Expedited Study Permit with GIC

As you probably know, students who are legal residents in the following countries: China India Vietnam, or The Philippines are eligible for Student Direct Stream, a streamlined study permit for foreign students who wish to study in Canada. The processing time for eligible students is around 20 calendar days which is about 3 weeks. This […]