Make More Money with Better Language Skills

Did you know that immigrants to Canada in the late ’70s earned approximately 85% of the wages that native-born Canadians earned during the immigrants first 5 years in Canada? Over time, immigrants’ earnings tend to rise until, on average for middle and upper-income migrants, their wages increase to a level beyond those of native-born Canadians. […]

Change Status from Visitor to Student

Call Now +1-855-562-5188 You’ve spent the last 2 months in Canada and your visit has been wonderful. You still have 4 months left on your visitor visa and you hear about a university here in Canada that has a program you’re interested in. You phone home and tell your surprised parents: I want to stay […]

Spousal Open Work Permit

Call Now +1-855-562-5188 You have applied to sponsor your spouse’s application for Permanent Residence in Canada. But while you are waiting for the application to be processed, can your spouse apply for a work permit in Canada? Remember that as much as your spouse would love to start working and earn some cash on their […]

How to Get Health Insurance in Ontario (OHIP)

By Taxiarchos228 [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons This should be easy. After all the paperwork you’ve filled out to get accepted and to receive an Invitation to Apply, and then having obtained your Permanent Residence, getting your OHIP card is relatively straightforward now that you’re here in Canada and living in Toronto. […]

Cannabis Tourism Canada

Are you planning to visit Canada from the States to do a little cannabis tourism? You should plan any such trip very carefully for a couple of reasons. First, the border between the US and Canada is not quite like any given province, state, or territory within either country. Especially if you are carrying marijuana, […]