Working Holiday in Canada for Hongkongers

Are you a resident of Hong Kong (HKSAR)? Do you wish to travel to Canada and work while in Canada in order to help pay for your stay in Canada? Then IEC’s Working Holiday program may be just the ticket you need. Here’s how. International Experience Canada – or IEC – is a series of […]

Changes for Cubans Coming to Canada

If you are a Cuban or a resident of Cuba, the Canadian embassy in Havana has reduced the services available. This has occurred because of a strange illness that embassy staff in Cuba have suffered over the last few years. Canadian and American (and perhaps other) diplomats and staff have reportedly complained of symptoms such […]

Getting Biometrics for Canada

By the end of 2019, biometric collection points are planned be functioning and established inside Canada. But for now, most travelers to Canada will need to give their biometric information at collection points outside Canada. But regardless of where you give your biometric information, you will almost certainly be required to do so if you […]

Port of Entry Interview Canada

What happens when you get off your flight at a Canadian airport and arrive in Canada as a foreign national? This involves what immigration authorities call a Port of Entry (POE) which is the airport that you arrive at, and there is a standardized process for: Receiving, Authorizing, or Sending on for further inspection, and […]

Change Status from Visitor to Student

You’ve spent the last 2 months in Canada and your visit has been wonderful. You still have 4 months left on your visitor visa and you hear about a university here in Canada that has a program you’re interested in. You phone home and tell your surprised parents: I want to stay here and study […]