3 Strategies for International Students who plan to Study in Canada during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 02/04/2020

If you are an international student who was planning to travel to Canada on a study permit and study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), …

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How Travel Bans and School Closures might affect your PGWP eligibility

Posted on 17/03/2020

Canadian Designated Learning Institutions are likely considering ramping up online learning platforms to deal with the COVID-19 travel ban announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, …

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Applying for a PGWP while Maintaining your Status

Posted on 21/02/2020

As we’ve explained, a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) is a wonderful way to use your Canadian post-secondary studies as a bridge to find work …

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Flagpoling – A way to leave and re-enter Canada

Posted on 05/12/2019

Flagpoling is when you cross the U.S./Canada border from Canada into the U.S. and then immediately turn around and re-enter Canada. In other words, circle …