Study in Canada – Moroccans and Senegalese

The IRCC’s Student Direct Stream is being expanded once more. Morocco and Senegal are being added to the list of countries whose residents can fast-track their applications to study at a designated, post-secondary learning institution in Canada. The changes will take place as of September 9, 2019 when Morocco and Senegal will be officially added […]

Pakistani Student Study in Canada SDS

Canada’s Student Direct Stream, which provides faster processing for international students who wish to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada and who are legal residents of: China, India, The Philippines, and Vietnam. has now expanded to include legal residents of Pakistan. This program aims to support the growing diversity in all walks […]

Getting Biometrics for Canada

By the end of 2019, biometric collection points are planned be functioning and established inside Canada. But for now, most travelers to Canada will need to give their biometric information at collection points outside Canada. But regardless of where you give your biometric information, you will almost certainly be required to do so if you […]

Student with laptop

Leave and Return to Canada on Student Visa

Authorized School Leave in Canada What happens if you’re an international student in Canada on a study permit and a family emergency occurs in your home country? Say you have to attend to a sick relative back home. Can you gain permission to leave Canada without losing your status and having to re-apply for a […]

Change Status from Visitor to Student

You’ve spent the last 2 months in Canada and your visit has been wonderful. You still have 4 months left on your visitor visa and you hear about a university here in Canada that has a program you’re interested in. You phone home and tell your surprised parents: I want to stay here and study […]