Canadian government new rules on undeclared dependents and abuse sufferers

Posted on 10/09/2019

What would your answers be to the following three questions? Are you a newcomer to Canada who is experiencing abuse at your workplace? Perhaps because …

Professional meetings

Changes for Cubans Coming to Canada

Posted on 08/08/2019

If you are a Cuban or a resident of Cuba, the Canadian embassy in Havana has reduced the services available. This has occurred because of …

Travelling during an Inland Sponsorship Application

Posted on 17/05/2019

Are you considering applying for a spousal sponsorship? If the spouse who is a foreign national is: living with you in Canada, AND will have …

Spousal Open Work Permit

Posted on 14/08/2018

You have applied to sponsor your spouse’s application for Permanent Residence in Canada. But while you are waiting for the application to be processed, can …