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How Will COVID-19 Coronavirus affect immigration procedures in Canada

Posted on 02/03/2020

The following information has been updated since this post. Please check our newer blogs published in 2021. How will Canada’s immigration authorities react to the …

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Exit/Entry Program & Residency Requirements

Posted on 29/01/2020

Listen up if you are a temporary resident or are applying to renewal your Permanent Resident Card or applying for citizenship of Canada, or if …

How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

Posted on 31/10/2018

You’ve got your citizenship finally! But remember, if you need to travel, like most people do nowadays, you should apply for your passport as soon …

Bill C-6 Becomes Law

Posted on 10/07/2017

On June 19, 2017, Bill C-6, an Act to amend the Canadian Citizenship Act was given Royal Assent. The Act overhauls the Citizenship Act passed …