Venezuelan Passport Holders in Canada

On June 7, 2019 the USA officially recognized a decree which had been just announced by the Venezuelan National Assembly under opposition leader Juan Guaido to extend Venezuelan passports by 5 years from the date of their expiry. This necessity arose because of the deteriorating situation in Venezuela which has meant that Venezuelans living abroad […]

Getting Biometrics for Canada

By the end of 2019, biometric collection points are planned be functioning and established inside Canada. But for now, most travelers to Canada will need to give their biometric information at collection points outside Canada. But regardless of where you give your biometric information, you will almost certainly be required to do so if you […]

Cannabis Tourism Canada

Are you planning to visit Canada from the States to do a little cannabis tourism? You should plan any such trip very carefully for a couple of reasons. First, the border between the US and Canada is not quite like any given province, state, or territory within either country. Especially if you are carrying marijuana, […]

Living in Canada: Handling the Winter Weather

It’s the morning of New Year’s Day in Toronto, and you need to stock up your fridge because with all the excitement and buzz of the holidays you somehow forgot about buying groceries. Outside it’s minus 17 degrees Celsius with a wind howling off Lake Ontario. You stare out the window of your walk-up apartment […]