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New Pathway to Permanent Residence for 90K Workers and Graduates

Posted on 17/04/2021

In addition to the francophone temporary workers program which we just recently highlighted in our blog here, IRCC will also open up a similar temporary …

Jobs People

New Temporary Policy for PR Visas for Francophones outside Quebec

Posted on 15/04/2021

French-speaking skilled workers already in Canada on a temporary work permit will now have an expedited path to permanent residence. There are two main reasons …

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What is Maintained Status (formerly implied status)

Posted on 13/04/2021

What used to be called Implied Status – the legal status a temporary resident in Canada has after their temporary visa expires, IF they apply …

Hong Kong

How to Apply for Open Work Permit for Hong Kong Residents

Posted on 21/02/2021

As we recently let you know, there’s a new Open Work Permit for Hong Kong Residents: holding either a SAR (Special Administrative Region) passport or …