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Flagpoling – A way to leave and re-enter Canada

Posted on 05/12/2019

Flagpoling is when you cross the U.S./Canada border from Canada into the U.S. and then immediately turn around and re-enter Canada. In other words, circle …


Giving biometrics inside Canada

Posted on 04/12/2019

Do you have to give biometrics (digital fingerprints and digital photographs)? You can now give them in Canada. We have pointed out that this would …

Canadian visa

RX-1 visa PRTD

Posted on 19/11/2019

A PR card is your passport to freedom in many ways. However, you must comply with the residency and other requirements as a permanent resident. …

Group of Multiethnic Diverse People with Different Jobs

All about NOC Codes

Posted on 18/11/2019

If you are an economic immigrant to Canada pay attention to this information. Whether you’re applying for permanent residence through Express Entry or whether you’re …