Professional meeting

Travel Exemptions to Canada under COVID-19

Posted on 18/09/2020

Do you want to work in Canada and have a job offer, but are uncertain who the current travel restrictions apply to? Let’s go through …

Canadian visa

New Measures for International Students

Posted on 27/08/2020

I: If you’re an international student who is applying to study in Canada, your application will now be processed in two stages: Stage 1: Your …

Foreign workers

New Policy Allows You to Apply for Work Permit as a Visitor in Canada

Posted on 26/08/2020

Are you a visitor in Canada who would like to apply for a work permit? Previously, you had to leave Canada if you were in …


Travel Exemptions for Immediate Family Members

Posted on 20/08/2020

Do you have family members in Canada who you would like to see? Are you wondering how COVID-19 restrictions will affect your ability to travel …