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Immigration Fees are Going Up

Posted on 24/03/2020

As of April 30, 2020, fees for various immigration procedures are going up substantially. In fact, the IRCC has decided to make tax-day (April 30 …

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Update on COVID-19 and Immigration Procedures

Posted on 17/03/2020

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic plays out, let’s review the current state of IRCC rules and regulations, compared to how they were when we wrote …

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How Travel Bans and School Closures might affect your PGWP eligibility

Posted on 17/03/2020

Canadian Designated Learning Institutions are likely considering ramping up online learning platforms to deal with the COVID-19 travel ban announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, …

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How Will COVID-19 Coronavirus affect immigration procedures in Canada

Posted on 02/03/2020

How will Canada’s immigration authorities react to the COVID-19 outbreak we’ve detailed for you in our last blog? As we review possible measures governments in …